o;? ORMS - Oregon Record Management Solution
What is ORMS

The Oregon Secretary of State Archives Division, Chaves Consulting, Inc. (CCI) and Arikkan, Inc. have formed a unique public-private partnership to implement the first statewide electronic records management solution of its kind in the country.

The Oregon Records Management Solution (ORMS) meets the needs of public record requests, organizes and searches electronic and paper documents and reduces the cost of electronic and paper records storage.

The ORMS model is an innovative Software as a Service (SaaS) that has been designed to fulfill agenciesb records management hardware, software, training and support needs without the requirement of up-front investment.  Read more about ORMS

ORMS Team - One Team, One Purpose

Oregon State Archives, Chaves Consulting, and Arikkan deliver Micro Focus records management software to state agencies, counties, cities, school districts and special districts. We are ONE TEAM with ONE PURPOSE b to offer a proven, stable, secure, robust and affordable solution to answer the growing need for enterprise records management issues.

By combining our individual strengths we have designed, developed and implemented the first private government cloud for records management in the United States. Our continued partnership is able to cover all aspects of a successful records management solution from the robust software application to the archival requirements to the technical environment to comprehensive customer support.

Oregon State Archives

Oregon State Archives is a division the Oregon Secretary of State charged with preserving and providing access to goverment records.

With ORMS, Oregon State Archives takes charge of everything related to records and information management.

• Customizing retention, security and access for each agency
• Configuring and setting up the software
• Training of the initial users

Chaves Consulting Inc.

Oregon-based Chaves Consulting, Inc. (CCI) has a 35+ year history of serving Oregon state and local government agencies and a proven track record of delivering service that goes Beyond the CallB..

With ORMS, CCI takes charge of everything related to customer support:

• Single point of contact before, during and after implementation
• 24x7 Support Desk
• Project Management
Arikkan Inc.

Arikkan, Inc. is a leading technology integrator known for delivering on-time, complex, innovative enterprise solutions for state and local governments throughout the United States.

Arikkan takes charge of everything related to technical support:

• Technical implementation
• Network engineering
• Ongoing application maintenance