HP Record Manager (HPRM)

HP Records Manager (HPRM) is the software used to implement ORMS. HPRM is Department of Defense 5015.2 Certificate Compliance Software with maximum security standard in the industry.  HPRM is an electronic records management system (ERMS) that allows agencies to manage all of records in a single system from creation until final disposition making government more transparent and efficient while reducing litigation risk and e-discovery costs.

HPRM has been around for over 25 years and has been used extensively in Australiaa and Canada (particularly, British Columbia). Nationally by the U.S. Navy, Archdocese of Chicago and many other. Lodally by Portland City Auditor's Office, Portland City Police Department & Metro's Commissioners.

HPRM allows users to organize content in the way the makes the most sense for business processes. This organization then allows users to find what user have stored in order to share it as necessary, making public records requests or legal subpoenas easily addressed. User based privileges give Administrators the ability to govern all aspects of a record’s lifecycle: who can see it, who can share it, and who can dispose of it. From creation to disposition, your agency records can be managed in a way that reduces your agency cost and increases your staff productivity.

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HPRM Key Benefits

  • Proven records management for your enterprise
  • Increased compliance capability and faster responses to legal discovery requests
  • Improved employee productivity and business process efficiencies
  • Transparent records management and site archiving for SharePoint
  • Tight desktop integration and the ability to scale across large, distributed environments

HPRM Highlights


  • Compliance with Department of Defence Standard 5015.2 - Best Practices for security, retention and disposition
  • Archives works with you to create folder structures with attached security, retention, disposition rules including E-mail
  • Archives works with Agency Administrator and Agency End Users to Customize security levels according to agency needs such as assigning access and permissions.
  • Audit trails recorded automatically. Captures and documents who did what on what date and at what exact time
  • Archives works with Agency Users to apply retention and disposition rules that comply with Oregon State law

  • Archives works with you to:
    • Create folder structures with attached security, retention, disposition rules
    • Organizes, finds and shares information throughout the enterprise including:
      • Emails
      • Documents
      • Electronic records
      • Scanned images
      • Text images
      • Physical artifacts
      • Audio and video recordings

Find / Search

  • Flexible, robust search filters:

    • Use any combination of search words:
    • Most common searches built-in
    • Custom search creation
    • If it’s in HPRM - you can find it!

  • Save and share searches!

  • Collaboration and Version Control:
    • Versions are tracked including:
    • Who created them, date, time, and what was done
    • Choose any version or revert it to the original document

HPRM Example of Successful, Entity-Wide Implementations

HPRM is used by various entities throughout the world. Following are some examples of successful entity-wide implementations.

  • Australia - Fully implemented country-wide
    • Archivist set Enterprise Information Management standards twenty years ago. 2015 = country going paperless

  • Canada: 9 out of 10 Provinces have fully implemented - Province of Newfoundland-Labrador:
    • Priorities:
      • Keep information secure (personal i.d. numbers, financial, personnel data)
      • Spend tax dollars wisely
    • Leadership:
      • Required implementation
      • Held management accountable for implementation
      • Provided funding

  • Department of the U.S. Navy: Fully implemented

  • Oregon Secretary of State’s Office: Fully implemented
    • ORMS supported by SOS Brown:
      • Every employee licensed to use HPRM
      • Example of results: Request by public for 4 years of E-mails sent or received by SOS Brown:
        • Would have taken weeks to sort and redact
        • 87,000 downloaded in under 3 minutes
        • Only 256 had to be sent to DOJ for a ruling

  • Oregon City of Milwaukie: In process of fully implementing
    • Due to successful outcomes of initial ORMS implementations, City Manager has named ORMS as the Enterprise Information Management standard for all departments to implement

  • International Corporations: Fully implemented
    • Shell
    • Hewlett Packard