ORMS Case Studies

City of Beaverton     Kapish

City of Beaverton and Kapish

Kapish is a Subcontractor with CCI/Arikkan through the ORMS Project. The services and software de-scribed below were purchased directly from Kapish by the City of Beaverton. As a third party contrac-tor or as a direct vendor, it is important to note that these are billable services and not part of ORMS standard services provided in ORMS.

The City of Beaverton, one of the ORMS Pilot Agencies, has been steadily growing their usage of ORMS. As the City grew more and more within TRIM, they increased the functionality, complexity, and integration points used by staff. With now over 120,000 records within TRIM, the City decided to purchase some additional training, health checks and software to bring them to the next level of TRIM usage.

The City originally reached out to Kapish with a simple need: help us correct some data in TRIM. Rather than spend a massive amount of time sorting through data which needed correction, Kapish provided a quick and easy-to-use script that automated everything. This saved the City money, ensured the integrity of the data, and reduced the overall time required to complete the task.

The City also purchased 25 seats of Kapish TRIM Explorer. This is an alternative interface for end-users which allows them to navigate their “TRIM Drive” much like they would their old network drives. By using this interface end-users can directly integrate PDF applications, upload/download to/from websites, and more easily search the TRIM system. Kapish then provided an on-site Health Check dedicated to those topics important to the City. This included an in-depth review of all configuration options, training materials, and long-term goals of the City within ORMS. The output of this Health Check will help the City fine-tune their implementation and set the stage for proving a return-on-investment for ORMS.

Lastly, Kapish provided in-person additional Administrator training for core City staff. This training not only provided critical HP TRIM lessons, but also covered issues important to ORMS participants (living in a shared dataset environment). Topics included: Security, Location Structure, Retention, Classification, Record Types, and Global Settings.


Kapish is an HP Gold partner with world-wide experience in implementing, supporting, integrating and training on the HP TRIM product suite. Kapish also provides add-on solutions to HP TRIM which pro-vides cost, time, and pain saving integrations and automation. Our staff are world-recognized as major contributors to the free HP TRIM Forum, annual HP TRIM User Forums (this year in Melbourne August 2013), and supporters of regional TRIM User Groups.

With new offices in Oregon, Kapish will be providing our first ever open-enrollment classes at their training facility just outside of Portland. This opportunity will mean any HP TRIM customer in the region can attend in-person training where receive interactive, hands-on engagement using our HP TRIM training lab. Each open-enrollment week includes these classes: Administrator, Power User, Bulk-Import, Workflow, Retention/Destruction.

For more information about Kapish you can visit their website at: http://kapish.com.au or email sales@kapishna.com

City of Milwaukie         Kapish

City of Milwaukie and Kaizen InfoSource

Making a Records Management System (RMS) work is not just about the system or software, it is also about having the process in place and the resources to ensure that your documents are scanned or im-ported according to your business needs and structure. That is just what the City of Milwaukie (the City) did with the help of Kaizen InfoSource (Kaizen). They put it all together and are rapidly moving many of their departments’ documents into HP TRIM.

The City volunteered to be one of the ORMS Pilot Agencies to use the ORMS HP TRIM system. When they made the decision, they realized that the value of the system would only be achieved when enough of the documents had been loaded to make it usable. They selected Kaizen as the consulting team to provide the onsite resource to scan and index their documents. Kaizen’s consultant attended training classes with the City right from the beginning of ORMS Implementation and provided input into the priority order in which their departments and documents would be added into the system.

Once the system was in a “go live” state, the City and Kaizen met to determine a mutually acceptable schedule for scanning and indexing the documents. Kaizen provided onsite support for scanning and index-ing of documents for an average of 20 hours per week. Kaizen provided the support that enabled confi-dential handling of the City’s employee files, providing onsite support and focusing on quality control of legacy records as they were migrated into the ORMS HP TRIM system. Finally, Kaizen worked with the City to apply retention and disposition solutions while managing the process to ensure compliance.

With the services provided by Kaizen, the City was able to put it all together: system, process and people. The City’s internal departments have found the use of HP TRIM to be a positive experience!

Other services that Kaizen InfoSource offers:

  • Developing Information Governance
  • Project Support for applying retention requirements to hard copy records
  • Inventory services for paper records
  • Training and education on Records and Information Management services and Principles.

For more information about Kaizen InfoSourceyou can visit their website at: http://www.2kaizen.com or email Sales@2kaizen.com or call (415)-316-8813